Our Mission


At Young Explorers Early Learning Centre, our mission is to create a learning environment that is safe and secure for children and families.



Our Philosophy


We implement the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) principles of “Being, Belonging and Becoming” at our centre to extend and enrich children’s learning from birth to five years and through the transition to school. The Council of Australian Governments has developed this framework to help educators maximise children’s potential and develop a foundation for future success and learning.

Click here to view The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for early childhood educators.



Childhood is a time to be, to seek and make meaning of the world

Being recognises that the early childhood years are not solely based on preparation for the child’s future, but also the present. This principle focuses on children knowing themselves, building and maintaining relationships with others, engaging with life’s joys and complexities and meeting challenges in everyday life. Being involves children developing an awareness of their social and cultural heritage, of gender and their significance in their world.


Children belong first to a family, a cultural group, a neighbourhood and a wider community

Belonging shapes who children are and who they can become. We value and respect each child, their family and background by integrating them in daily learning experiences. The child is able to construct their own identity through this experience. When children have positive experiences, they develop an understanding of themselves, their culture and background, and feel a sense of belonging. Children have a sense of belonging when they feel accepted, develop attachments and trust those who care for them. When children feel safe, secure and supported they grow in confidence to explore and learn.


The incredible amount of learning that happens in the first years of life builds the skills sets, the scene for becoming healthy, contributing adults to the complex world we live in

Becoming  gives children the opportunity to experience, explore, experiment, imagine and make decisions for their play in a fun based environment. Though reflective practice and being guided by EYLF and NQF we are able create experiences to cater to each child’s interests and further extend their play. This positively impacts on the child's learning enabling them to develop lifelong skills of inter-relating, flexibility, empowerment, social capability, and independence to provide an ever-evolving environment allowing for spontaneous learning and planned teaching.



We also integrate the National Quality Framework (NQF) to ensure your child is given the best possible start in life. The early years are critical for children to establish self-esteem, resilience, healthy growth and capacity to learn. Quality education is essential in shaping every child’s future and lays the foundation for development and learning. We at Young Explorers ELC strive to achieve Exceeding National Quality Standard.