At our centre, we run exciting educational programs to encourage children’s development. We provide a balance between outdoor and indoor play as well as times for relaxation. A typical daily routine at Young Explorers includes activities in small and large groups and a process of documenting the child’s learning using portfolios. An ‘Emergent Curriculum’ is a philosophy of teaching implemented at our centre that focuses on the importance of creating programs in a creative and stimulating manner, ensuring that each child’s interests is extended and observed on a personal level. Within our programs children learn a wide range of skills and concepts (including social skills, pre-reading, pre-writing etc.) through exploring topics that interest them. We also make sure to integrate and reinforce the development of strong moral values throughout the children’s learning and development.

Displayed within the rooms will be our programmed activities each day along with the daily routine which consists of an outline of how each day unfolds for the children. To view your child’s daily routine, Click here. We also have a Day Book where children’s experiences are communicated, into which parents have the opportunity for input and feedback on their child’s interests. Each child has their own Portfolio at the centre where the educators document the child’s experiences and development throughout the year. At the end of the year they are available for families to take home to keep. We strongly encourage families to be involved through the daily diaries, portfolios, face to face interaction and for parents to share their feelings about their child’s learning and progress.

We also incorporate the transition to school program at the centre to assist your child make the transition from childcare to preschool and from preschool to school. Click here to be redirected to the Transition to School program and read more.